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Innovation Realized

Every Annexus-designed retirement planning solution begins with the same focused goal – put more money in the client’s pocket. The most innovative solutions in the industry are powered by Annexus in unison with a trusted carrier partner.



X5 Suite of
Fixed Indexed Annuities

The X5 suite of fixed indexed annuities is designed to generate increasing lifetime income and protect against market downturns while helping navigate retirement with greater confidence.


BCA Suite of
Fixed Indexed Annuities

Take your retirement savings to a new level with a unique growth opportunity, protection from downside market risk and a guaranteed stream of retirement income you can’t outlive.


New Heights® Select
Fixed Indexed Annuity

A Nationwide New Heights Select fixed indexed annuity can help you potentially accumulate assets for retirement as well as protect your savings from downside market risk and volatility.

North American

Secure HorizonSM
FIA Suite

Secure Horizon is a competitive accumulation FIA in today’s low-interest environment, while Secure Horizon Plus is designed to help clients protect against four major risks faced in retirement.


Secure Retirement
Index® II Annuity

A new opportunity to help protect and grow a portion of your retirement savings. Find out how this unique fixed index annuity can help you retire with greater confidence.

Indexed Universal Life – Long Term Care


New Heights®
IUL Accumulator

New Heights IUL is permanent life insurance that provides a tax-free death benefit and offers a wide range of benefits that can help grow and protect a source of funds.


CareMatters II
Long Term Care

CareMatters II is linked benefit insurance that provides long-term care coverage along with a death benefit that ensures your premium won’t be lost should you never need LTC.


Balanced Growth
Accumulator II IUL

BGA II IUL insurance helps you protect, grow and make the most of your assets. BGA II is a cash value life insurance policy that offers flexibility through a wide variety of benefits.

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Whether you are a representative from a financial institution, a financial professional looking to offer your clients innovative retirement income planning solutions, or an individual trying to secure the retirement you’ve worked so hard to achieve, we look forward to helping you.

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