Asset TV Features Ron Shurts, Co-Founder and CEO of Annexus – View From the Floor

In this episode of View From the Floor, Asset TV features Ron Shurts – CEO and Co-Founder of Annexus, as he discusses driving industry innovation and change as well as the appeal of fixed index annuities for financial advisors.

Ron Shurts is the CEO and Co-Founder of Annexus, the nation’s leading independent retirement planning product design and distribution company.

With a career spanning 30+ years, Ron Shurts has propelled Annexus to become one of the most respected names in retirement planning product design, development, and distribution. Under his leadership, Annexus has developed an extensive suite of products that are tailored to meet all types of retirement goals and objectives. By partnering with some of the biggest players in the industry, Ron’s vision for success is coming true—and advisors and the clients they serve are reaping the benefits.

Ron credits the success of Annexus to staying ahead of the curve, which is why he constantly seeks out ways to innovate and improve Annexus’ offerings. With strategic partnerships with other top-rated companies throughout the industry, Annexus has been able to develop and release competitive products that are designed with strategies custom-made for each individual situation. This type of product offering has made it possible for advisors to provide their clients with a much more holistic approach to their finances than ever before.

Ron’s passion for excellence and dedication to providing next-gen retirement planning solutions truly sets him apart. His innovative approach is helping to reshape how financial advisors plan for their client’s futures.

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