Annexus CEO Ron Shurts and Zebra Capital’s Roger Ibbotson Ring the New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell

The NYSE Zebra Edge Index was the first index based in part on Roger Ibbotson’s behavioral finance research

Scottsdale, Arizona, August 28, 2023 — Annexus CEO and co-founder Ron Shurts and Roger Ibbotson, renowned economist and Professor, had the honor of ringing the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, Aug. 21, in celebration of six years of the NYSE® Zebra Edge® Index.

Annexus, a leading independent developer of financial and insurance products, and Zebra Capital Management, an esteemed investment management firm, brought the NYSE® Zebra Edge® Index to the fixed indexed annuity market in 2016. The index is the first to be founded on Roger Ibbotson’s behavioral finance research, which found that you could achieve higher returns with less risk by removing overly popular and overly volatile stocks. Ibbotson and team designed the index to evaluate the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the United States and apply a behavior finance filtering process to remove the riskiest and most volatile companies.

Innovation has always been a hallmark of Annexus, and we’ve worked hard to identify indices that are grounded in solid academic research.

Ron Shurts – CEO and Co-Founder of Annexus

“Our research in behavioral finance shows that the most popular stocks tend to experience higher volatility and provide lower future returns,” says Ibbotson, founder and Chairman of Zebra Capital Management. “By removing the most popular and the most volatile stocks, you are left with less popular, less volatile stocks which have historically provided more consistent and higher returns with less risk.”

“Innovation has always been a hallmark of Annexus, and we’ve worked hard to identify indices that are grounded in solid academic research,” says Shurts. “Roger Ibbotson has devoted his career to studying the markets, and his behavioral finance research is the foundation of this truly unique index. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership.”

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